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Welcome Guests (And Buyers) With A Showstopping Front Door

Your front lawn or walk area is the first thing your guests and prospective buyers see when they pull up to look at your home.

The front door is the first impression they will get of what your home is all about. This entry needs to create a welcoming point into your home with style. If you want that first impression of your home to be a positive one, use one of these ideas and create a huge impact on the success of your home sale.

Guide Them to Your Door

Start with a welcoming entry by guiding guests and potential buyers to your door. Along the sidewalk leading up to your entry, plant some low-lying hedges or place some potted plants to complement the color of your house. Stepping stones work great if you do not have a sidewalk in place and can be decorated with eye-pleasing plants.

Guiding visitors to your main entry is especially important if there are other entries into your house. If you want prospective buyers to enter through a specific door that creates a unique first impression, guide them to this entry with irregular organic shapes giving them a clue as to what lies beyond.

There are no restrictions as to how to lead them to your front door. If a sidewalk is in place, this would be the natural structure to decorate. If you feel changing the path or need to create a new pathway, using a boardwalk would add character to any house. Showcasing the boardwalk with large green plants would enhance the impression of your home.

The Color of Your Front Door

The front door is where the potential buyer will start forming their opinion of your house. Your front door should look brilliant, and in terms of color, you can go either muted or bright. In today's market, the trend has been showing bright yellow, turquoise, or pink are the favorites of many. These colors take a property that looks drab and transforms it into something fabulous looking.

The muted colors are more traditional and still have a large following. Muted colors consist of dark grey, sage green, and deep blue. Using muted colors will give your home a look of grandeur which will make a potential buyer fall instantly in love.

The color you choose has a lot to do with your location. If your home is out in the country surrounded by trees and plants, you may want to do a more natural look and stay away from the paint. Using a beautiful coat of varnish on a bare wood door will add much more character. If your home is near water, then sticking to shades of blue will complement the look of your home. Houses for sale in a more pedestrian area stick out from the rest with bright, bold colors such as orange, lime green, or pink.

If you want to make that first impression a positive one that will send potential buyers into your home with a good feeling, then give some consideration to your front door. Create a centerpiece out of your door that sends them inside, knowing they will love this property.

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